Fish or No Fish during Pregnancy

Avoiding fish during pregnancy and early childhood can mean missing out lots of important nutrients that can have a positive impact on growth and development

Omega-3 fatty acids in many varieties of seafood not only promote fetal brain and nervous system development, they contribute to a healthy pregnancy by lowering the risk of preeclampsia, low birth weight and preterm birth.

Some types of fish has high level of mercury , Mercury damages the developing brain that’s why those types should be avoided completely, like tuna and king mackerel.

Experts believe it’s best to avoid raw fish and shellfish during pregnancy, since they may contain bacteria that can make you sick.

Raw fish that has been frozen is not safe during pregnancy, either. While freezing can destroy potentially harmful parasites, it does not kill pathogens.

It’s safe to eat smoked fish while pregnant but there are some types of non-smoked fish you should limit, such as tuna and oily fish, Also, don’t eat raw shellfish, as it can cause food poisoning.

It’s highly recommended to eat 2 to 3 servings of seafood low in mercury in a week. Make sure to choose a variety of fish lower in mercury, such as salmon and shrimps.In addition, you can take an omega-3 supplement.



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