Feeding our children, Food groups and serving sizes (Part 3)


will continue talking about the rest of the food groups in our kids meals:

  • Milk and dairy foods
    Important source of calcium as well as providing protein and vitamins

A child should be having about (500 to 600ml) of milk a day.

Semi-skimmed may be given from the age of two if the overall diet Contains enough energy and nutrients

Milk can be used on cereals or in drinks, puddings and sauces, cheese, or yogurt can be given instead of some milk

  • Protein (Meat, fish and alternatives such as beans and lentils)
    Are great sources of iron, selenium, zinc and B vitamins.

Should be eaten by the child once or twice a day.

The Food Standards Agency recommends at least two servings of fish a week

Reeham Shaker
Nutrition Expert

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