Oils, What to Avoid and What to Cook with?


What to Avoid?

Sunflower oil, corn oil or canola oil are on my avoid list, as they have trans fats that are toxic, for me vegetable oils (along with added sugars and refined wheat) are the reasons for most of the diseases. Unlike Butter or Coconut oil, these vegetable oils can’t be extracted just by pressing or separating naturally. They must be chemically removed, deodorized, and altered. These are some of the most chemically altered foods in our diets, yet they get promoted as


As for the Rice bran oil,  the major problem with this oil is its ratio of omega 6 to omega 3. Rice bran oil contains high amounts of omega-6 fatty acids and virtually no omega-3, , The dietary imbalance that exists in rice bran oil can create all sorts of problems to body processes, including a tendency towards inflammation. This imbalance has been implicated in higher rates of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. That’s why I highly recommend to avoid as well.

Recommended oil:

Coconut oil and Natural ghee are my favorite as their quality do not deteriorate with Heat, they have a very high smoke point.

Olive oil is great with cooking and stir frying at medium to low heat point rather than deep frying, make sure to get the virgin rather than the extra virgin one as its smoke point is higher.




2 thoughts on “Oils, What to Avoid and What to Cook with?

  1. Nancy

    I live in germany and most of the people here use rabe seed oil..is it healthy or olive oil is better and if it is can i put it to high temp.
    Thanx in advance


    • by Reeham Shaker

      rapeseed oil is canola oil, it goes through the process of refining and bleaching, it also is deodorized, and this process removes a large portion of omega 3 fatty acids and turn them to trans fats, i don’t recommend at all.


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